Real-Time Survey that Pays Off

Datahoard invites you to participate in real time surveys for rewards. The surveys allow you to share your views, thoughts, and opinions related to consumer products, education, healthcare, brand awareness, lifestyle, job satisfaction, and much more.

As a member of Datahoard, you will get rewards for your participation in the online surveys. Once your account is activated and verified, you will start receiving the surveys through the mobile application on your account. As you participate in the survey, your opinions get recorded, analyzed, and evaluated to present the market situation.

Your participation in Time and Trigger based surveys will allow our system to generate accurate data based on a geographic location. The gathered information will be shared with businesses and marketers which lets you earn money by sharing your ideas, opinions, and data with others. Being responsive to the surveys, users get a platform through which they can grow, enhance their knowledge, and have a broad understanding of the world around them.

The companies would be able to analyze the market, track their performance, find crowdsourcing, analyze customer demographics, and cater the customers need with improved and detailed understanding. The final report will give companies a broad overview with numerous possibilities.