Database Security is a smart database protection service available by Datahoard. The service implements a risk-balanced strategy that is integrated with the leading data protection technology to safeguard the critical data of your organization. The service includes the typical functions involving database auditing, sensitive data recovery, data masking, and attack prevention. All the services are easy-to-use, reliable, smart, and regulation compliant.

Datahoard, with the use of both integration and consulting services, helps you optimize and have a complete control over your data while using the encryption technology and market leading loss prevention. The company’s comprehensive database scanning solution helps in providing a holistic, 360 degrees solutions to your database. The solutions include auditing, powerful database monitoring, and providing appropriate scanning solutions by blocking unprivileged users from accessing the company’s core information.

Datahoard can thereby make a large impact on your business by protecting from the negative financial impact on your business that may arise if the database security is compromised. In the present world, we can say, Datahoard Security is not just a need to protect your organization’s confidential data from attacks rather it provides a cutting edge to your business. It forms an integral component of your overall IT security structure.

Banking and data security touch the lives of millions of people around the world. The protection of credit cards protects you from the fraudulent transactions that include theft, damage, and protection of the online transactions that utilize your private confidential information. Safeguarding this critical data enables you to shield your private information from internal and external actors while securing yourself in the rapidly changing world.

In the light of growing consumer concerns, Datahoard has bought a solution that secures your confidential data by limiting the concerns that are associated with the use of credit card and banking information. Datahoard believes that Credit Card and Banking information must be handled in a secure manner as the breach of this confidential data may lead to significant consequences over an individual’s daily life. It may lead to financial loss, financial insecurity, loss of trust in the internet and banking system, and much more.

To comply with the changing marketplace, we provide a backbone support to the banking and the financial services sector. We act as a lifeblood in today’s globalized economy. We help our banking and financial customers establish effective solutions that will protect their data, manage the security vulnerabilities in the system, and the other security risks and compliance programs that will ensure your safety and security in the online world.

Social Media plays an incredible role in today’s world. Whether it is getting updated with what’s happening in the outside world, connecting with the loved ones, doing some crazy stuff with your friends, or performing a business activity online, it involves the utilization of the data and information to transmit the information from one end to another.

The transmission cycle must ensure the safety and the security of the transmitted message from the sender to the receiver. The transmission should ensure that the data transmitted is without any interception or hindrance. The involvement of the third party may lead to changing information or leaking of the personal information which may lead to severe threats including physical, financial, and emotional maltreatment.

Datahoard assesses the environment and it implements a proactive solution that protects your critical data through social media. Datahoard helps you discover what is stored over the servers and it alerts you on any suspicious activity detected in your account. Datahoard also notifies the users about the issues relating to the policy violation, restricting outbound communication, and securing the relevant files and folders where your personal information is kept. We help you manage the data security enabling more control over your personal data.

App Level Security involves the practices and policies that protect the business’s mobile application from tampering, reverse engineering, and other app-centric attacks. The solution includes runtime application self-protection, self-healing measures, obscure code, and real time app threat telemetry for threat intelligence. It also includes the detection of unintended activities, threat of malware, and prevention of malicious programs that may track the user.

Datahoard by implementing these solutions deliver end-point security to the customers for better user experience and streamline operations. These include the operations that are vulnerable to a range of threats and businesses need to be protected from the risks that are associated with it. Datahoard is based on securing the application perimeter and it focuses on the intrusions and the attacks that include the use of anti-virus and web-based firewall.

The solutions are beneficial for the businesses that utilize mobile applications that they have deployed for enriching their customer base. Datahoard with these solutions strive ahead to build the trust and optimize the mobile experience while providing the security, cutting-edge authentication, and seamless experience to the end users. Datahoard leads to the reduced risk of malware to provide enough security to the end users personal assets while effectively protecting against fraud schemes while delivering an extraordinary user experience.

Administrative Security includes the security of your business’s annual audits, staff training, hiring policies, and protection of other back-office sensitive data. Datahoard allows the administrator to secure all the administrative communication in between the administrative server and the other people associated with it.

The company is designed on the basis of a risk assessment approach that may result in the likelihood of a security breach, creating a potential damage to the company’s reputation. The company addresses the concerns that are associated with its Services Department and Information Technology by building a secure data repository that the users can utilize to provide a long-term security to the system.

Datahoard understands the privacy of the sensitive data and information that is sent over the network from one end to another. Datahoard collects and protects this information and eliminate the possibilities of the data breach in the middle. The company authenticates and authorizes the instances of data sessions and ensures that they are valid and in the realm with the actual credentials. To know more about us and our services, please visit other sections of our website.