The idea behind Datahoard is to give users control over their data. Once the users link their accounts to Datahoard with respective APIs, Datahoard fetches their data, analyzes it, and present the results in a structured manner. Users now have an option to earn an additional money in their pockets by sharing it to the marketers to gather market information. Or, they can choose not to share that data with anyone. Users would have the complete control over their data.

Datahoard ensures to store consumer’s data safe and secure using the sophisticated, modern technological tools. With this platform, we are trying to bring in the peace of mind to the end users by protecting their data from being pilfered in wrong hands. You have the complete access to your data, how you want to use it, with whom you want to use it, when do you want to share it, and why you want to share it, everything is in your control.

The platform allows consumers and businesses to interact with each other, with transparency, proper understanding by developing new opportunities with innovation and timely catering the changing customer needs. Once everything is in place, it creates a smart analysis with proper analytical integration.



Datahoard is a global analytics and insight provider that helps organizations utilize consumer’s data to build futuristic innovative products. Once the users connect their accounts using respective APIs, the data is extracted from their account and presented to the users in a structured manner. The end users now have an option to get the overview of their data and they may share it with the companies for their services / product improvement if they want. Users would have a complete control over their data.

The company serves worldwide geographies and have successfully laid operations across different parts of the world by leveraging domain expertise, advanced analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence technology. The company strives to create greater value for clients at each stage in their venture by gathering timely consumer insights. It solves the business problems and at the same time safeguards the consumer’s data from being exploited by the hackers. 

The platform allows companies to analyze the consumer’s data instantly, on-the-go by processing and responding to the real-time queries and intent of the companies. Overall, the holistic view of the data help businesses improves their data and the quality of their decisions in the rapidly changing global marketplace.


The marketplace empowers customers to add an additional money in their wallet by simply sharing their knowledge and information. With your knowledge about the world and your locality, you get an option to be the part of the change. All you need is to share your thoughts and you will be the part of changing trend. By doing the simple stuff, you will deeply shape your life in the ways that you are probably unaware.

Once a user’s account is approved, they will start receiving timely notifications about the available surveys, experiments, and other contests. The surveys, experiments, and other contests allow consumers to earn an additional cash in their pockets. Further, it enables the companies to do a market research by understanding the consumers, their changing needs, and their behaviors. Once you agree and successfully complete the task, you will earn credits to your account which you can redeem later.

This data sharing technique saves a lot of marketing cost and time of the companies in understanding the market. With the development of sophisticated technology, businesses will now access the required information within a short span of time and in a hassle-free manner. With time, we expect the marketplace to grow further with more consumers and more companies being part of it and with a potential to earn more income.

Data Purchasers

Datahoard understands that to prevent data leakage, it is imperative to have an effective strategy and evaluation of the company’s past reports before sharing the data. Datahoard incorporates comprehensive data security audit and assesses the company before finally landing to you for sharing the data. With our simplified solutions, we ensure that your stored data is safe, secure, and is available in the right hands. Our versed team of professionals critically evaluates the information flow and secures the access to it.

Our audit is a systematic evaluation of the safety of a company measuring how well and for what purpose they utilize the data. Conducting the security audits help our users keep the place safe and secure in compliance with the data protection policies. The implementation of auditing measures ensures a practical, efficient, cost-effective, and secure solution for the protection of data. This prevents security breaches and keep our marketplace secure and protected from the wrong hands.

We also timely update our data protection policies and guidelines, maintaining them in compliant with our aim and objectives. With this, we ensure that the privacy and information security is maintained at all possible levels of the system. We also educate our users about the effects of sharing the data and how will its sharing affect the end users.


In this interconnected world, data is everything. Believe it or not, today, companies are willing to spend a handsome amount in accessing user’s data. Companies collect data from consumers by making you do simple stuff (like surveys, experiments, etc.) about market research, economics, and consumers expectation from the market. Once you successfully complete the task, a requisite amount of credits will be added to your account. You will then have an option to withdraw your earnings.

Datahoard allows their users to utilize their earned credits in the online marketplace or they can redeem it through the Stripe gateway. The amount you earn is directly proportionate to your data shared. The more data you share, the more credits you earn. For earning more credits, we recommend you to link as many accounts as possible and participate in the surveys and other events that you receive in your notification panel.

With Datahoard, you do not need to spend your whole day to earn an additional income. You can work in the comfort of your home, whenever you want, wherever you want, without any restrictions. It’s like you will be your own boss who will be making a good income at the end of the month.